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  Articles & Essays [in English]

1.        Thomé H. Fang and the Spirit of Chinese Philosophy, Lewis E. Hahn [Chinese Version]

2.        The Spirit of Chinese Philosophy, Thomé

   H. Fang (Tr. Suncrates & Sandra A. Wawrytko, )  [Chinese Version]

3.        In Memory of Professor Thomé H. Fang, Ludwig C. H. Chen [Chinese Version]

4.        Whitehead and The Book of Changes, Shih-chuan Chen [New

5.        Professor Thomé H. Fang and His Ideals of Education, Huan Lee [Chinese Version]

6.        A North American Looks at Professor Thomé  Fang's Philosophy of Immanent Organic Harmony, Dale M. Riepe

7.        The Cosmological-Axiological Philosophy of Thomé Fang, Dale M. Riepe

8.        Yin-Yang Dialectical Monism: A New Attempt to Explore the Symbiotic Relationship of Man and Nature through Reformulation of the Confucian-Taoist Metaphysical Systems, Tsung-I Dow

9.        Northropian Categories of Experience Revisited, Kenneth K. Inada

10.     Ethical Significance of Professor Tho  H. Fang's Philosophy, Antonio S. Cua

11.     Rightness and Humanity:  The Primordial Language of Tao, Lik Kuen Tong

12.     Crosscurrents in Thought: Maurice Merleau-Ponty and Thomé  H. Fang on the Ground of Art, Mary-Rose Barral and James W. Kidd

13.     Professor Thomé  H. Fang's Metaphysical Approach to the San-Lun Philosophy of Emptiness, Hsueh-li Cheng

14.     The Unheard Melody in Thomé  H. Fang, Robert L. Greenwood

15.     Congenial Congruence:  Thomé   Fang's View of the Philosopher-Poet-Sage, Thomas A. Brennan

16.     The Unity of Creativeness and Its Expression: in memory of a Great Philosopher, Victoria Yau

17.     Thomé H. Fang as Comparative Philosopher, Sandra A. Wawrytko

18.     Master Thomé  Fang as Paradigmatic Teacher: My Personal Impressions as Reflected in the Dim Glow of Fragmentary and Humble Epistles, Kuo Uen-fu [in Chinese]

19.     Chinese Philosophers and Whitehead Encountered, Yih-hsien Yu, [in Chinese]

20.     Philosophical Anthropology:   Ernst Cassirer, Max Scheler, and Thomé

            H. Fang,   Suncrates and James W. Kidd [Chinese Version]


21.     Creativism As World Philosophy--A Ninefold Characterization,  Suncrates and James W. Kidd      [Chinese Version]

22.     Chinese Ways of Living, Suncrates and Sunnie D. Kidd

23.     Introduction to "Three Types of Philosophical Wisdom," Suncrates & Sandra A. Wawrytko  [Chinese Version]